Troubleshoot: Determine Your Mac Compatibility with Bluetooth BLE

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The Web Bluetooth Eddystone Beacon Configuration tool may not run correctly on your Mac if the machine is older and doesn’t support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

The tool may appear to run correctly, offering the message “No Bluetooth Devices Found” after timing out, but the message is bogus - the tool doesn’t properly recognize your machine’s capabilities.

Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy are different. (More:

To determine whether your Mac supports BLE:

Click the Apple Logo on the top left menu.
Click “About This Mac” (A dialog appears)
Click the dialog’s “System Report…” button. (The System Information Window will appear)
On the left side of the System Information Window, under the topic “Hardware”, select “Bluetooth”.

Look for “Hardware, Features, And Settings” on the right side. Under this node you should see the field “Bluetooth Low Energy Supported”. If this attribute is set to “No” the tool named above will not work on your computer.

Put generally, this also means your Mac cannot be used to pair with any devices that support only BLE.

I’ll edit this later for clarity, as I have time. I hope this helps! Have fun exploring.

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