Too many minutes

Three errors in the picture

  • Sauna is too cold
  • Gateway is not sensitive enough
  • Too many minutes since the last update

Thank you for the report.

@io53 Please take a look at the time.

Regarding sensitivity: saunas often have aluminum foil in their walls to keep the temperature in, that might be dampening the signal from RuuviTag. The Gateway has been more sensitive than any mobile phone in our tests, do you hear the tag with some other device from sauna to Gateway location?

The main point of my post was about the minutes not being MOD 60.

As for the sensitivity, I do not get signal with a phone either at the same spot. I was actually using two phones, at different locations, to have the entire house covered. Now I am looking for the best spot for the Gateway.

You are correct once again, thanks for the heads up. The bug will be taken care of :slight_smile: