Test_drivers Ruuvi example does not output over J-Link RTT

I am trying to evaluate the LIS2DH12 accelerometer on the Ruuvitag and I figured the test_drivers program would be a good place to start. However, I am not able to print using J-Link RTT with the Ruuvitag, specifically when using this program.

I am using Debug out of a Nordic nRF52 board to debug using J-Link RTT. I edited the sdk_config.h file to enable NRF_LOG and RTT.

RTT output looks good on the Ruuvitag when I look at the ble_app_beacon ruuvi example. However, I cannot see any RTT output when I program test_drivers on the Ruuvitag. What’s interesting is that I start to see RTT output if I program test_drivers to a Nordic nRF52 board.

The first place I would start debugging is the sdk_config.h file in /ruuvitag_b3/s132/config.

If there some difference in logging setup, such as “deferred logging” being used in one and not in other could be the cause.

Just to be clear. I am using the same sdk_config.h file for ble_app_beacon and test_drivers. RTT output is working for the ble_app_beacon example, but does not output anything for the test_drivers example. The main.c file inside of test_drivers looks fine and has many NRF_LOG_INFO and NRF_LOG_DEBUG statements to test.