Temperature reading 17 degrees too low with zero humidity


I received my first Ruuvitag today. I paired it with the Android app, but it says it’s 7 degrees in my office where it’s currently 24 degrees. Also, it says the humidity is 0.0 and the air pressure graph follows the temperature almost exactly:

I understand that the internal sensor has an accuracy of +/- 5C. Does this mean the sensors are faulty or is there anything I can try?


Typical absolute temperature sensor accuracy in room temperatures is ±0.5C, not 5C. Seems that there is something really weird going on with the sensor.

Could you please contact us my email info@ruuvi.com and let’s try to find reason for this. Please send us also MAC address of the RuuviTag (can be found on bottom of the tag settings page) so that we can find test logs from our database. All the devices are tested in production.