Ruvvitag's bill of material

it’s probably a stupid question to ask, but where can I find the BOM of ruvvitag, I only found the schematic on Github, do they have BOM file?
thanks for your time.


Replied here. In short, the BoM varies by batch due to generic components, but you can export the parts as CSV in KiCAD.

Would you mind tell me what the components P1(TC2030) in the schematic? and are Y1 and Y2 crystals?


P1 is a TagConnect footprint and Y1 & Y2 are crystals used by nRF52832.

thank you so much, I didn’t realize that’s a footprint:joy::joy::joy::joy:

Is there a reason the manufacturer’s part numbers for the components aren’t provided on the KiCad schematic?

We currently don’t provide exact part numbers for the passive components as many of them are generic parts as long as certain tolerances are met. However, you can find part numbers of the major parts (nRF52832, BME280, LIS2DH12, etc.) on the schematic.