RuuviTracker project is back!


Hi Lauri. I’m a bit late to the party on this but it’s great to see you’re working on a more capable board that can also be used as a gateway for tags.
Having recently bought three tags to use experimentally as beehive sensors, I really do support some kind of sound capabilities on the tracker. For a beehive, frequency and volume could be important. Of course, this could also apply to baby monitoring, industrial processes and plenty of other things.
If not on-board, then via a grove interface would be great.
Just my twopenn’orth.


Hey! Buzzer will be most probably a standard feature but no microphone onboard. But can be added as an external part, no problem.


Buzzin’ I got! 60,000 of them!!!
A grove interface or similar for a mic would be fine, though.


How about local storing and data compresion? If its to be used with NB-IOT or other simulare low load solutions then every byte count for pricing.


External power:
Could it be made to handle 5 to 24 VDC? or would we have to pick a voltage? All about cost i know.


5V external power will be supported. External DCDC converters can be used if needed.

The both microcontrollers onboard have some flash storage that can be used to log data. Currently, we have no plans to embed additional storage chips.


All I have ever wanted is for any number of my Ruuvitags to pass the data to me clearly and specifically, no matter where I am.
Seems after over a year of getting them, I still cant do that without paying for access to a cloud.


Do you have a time frame for the product? Are you waiting for hardware in development from other?
In other words do you have a beta mock up at your desk now ?