RuuviTracker project is back! (EDIT: Rebranded to Ruuvi Node)

5V external power will be supported. External DCDC converters can be used if needed.

The both microcontrollers onboard have some flash storage that can be used to log data. Currently, we have no plans to embed additional storage chips.

All I have ever wanted is for any number of my Ruuvitags to pass the data to me clearly and specifically, no matter where I am.
Seems after over a year of getting them, I still cant do that without paying for access to a cloud.

Do you have a time frame for the product? Are you waiting for hardware in development from other?
In other words do you have a beta mock up at your desk now ?


A major project update!

Today, together with Nordic Semiconductor, we’re excited to announce more info about the project:

The first thing you probably notice is the name: Ruuvi Node. As the device is capable to handle so many tasks (RuuviTag gateway, stand-alone environmental sensor and so on), we felt that Tracker wouldn’t be the best name for it.

For more detailed info, surf to the press release above.


Hooray. :slight_smile:

Nordic Semi just posted a nice video about NB_IoT & Cat-M1 tests. See how the technologies compare against the each other:

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RuuviTracker looks great.

Currently been looking for a solution where I could place RuuviTags all around my very old house. Monitoring temperature and fluctuations in humidity both under the floor where I can now using a long stick place tags under different parts of the house and also in the attic under the roof in areas where a sudden leakage would be detected.

Now this can now be solved by placing one or more RPi to connect the tags and then store and post trends. But would like a cellular connected device to do the same at our summer cottage and also for the boat.

Getting a tag like sensor to also monitor air quality would help with finding air quality problem early. The tags are super convenient for being able to place them any where in an old house.

Looking forward to play around with the tracker. There is definitely a need to do an easy setup to monitor old houses.

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Where do we sign up as beta testers ? :slight_smile: Happen to live in a city with NB-IoT and Cat-M1 (LTE-M)

Excuse me for cutting in but would a far lower demand alarm system, with max and min settings for each tag, be better for your use than constantly collecting and transmitting data that seldom changes?
Observing unchanging data would be like watching paint dry … and you might not be looking when a serious change occurs.
This is the issue I have with my beehive monitoring use, CHANGE is what I want the monitoring system to tell me about and that appears to me the same for yours.

Yes, change is very much needed to track. The problem here though is that some of the changes are due to the weather pumping up and down so also want to avoid false alarms.

The current tag alarms are sufficient for that.
Monitoring the trend over time is more interesting along with the house warming system and energy use. To for example see how quickly a change in interior temperature affects humidity levels both below and above the ceiling as the organic materials dry due to radiation heating and leakage. Which again is kind of like paint drying with the nuance of figuring out if it ever dries. Which is the crucial part.

So how about having a single (or more?) tags tracking ambient conditions and using that to automatically change the set limits of groups of tags?

Ok how do I send you money&love in order to get my hands on a dev kit ?



Any update on this as I have all but given up with network management on the RPi?
Getting cellular connectivity and the collector to connect with it with current dongles and HATs, seems fraught to say the least.
Rpi Network Manager is so unfriendly it must have been created by Microsoft.

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A lot of work is going on behind the scenes :slight_smile:. Unless some insurmountable obstacles are met, the Node will send data from RuuviTags to a MQTT broker, and people can pull their data from the broker.

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Thanks for the update.

Cant wait . . . . . . .

Hi guys, want to chip in :wink:

Analog in - can measure temp. / pressure etc. in confined space/tanks fridges. (or have a way to connect and power it extension board - grove ???)
ability to connect to e-paper - have a way to inform/display values to people at a location.

good luck, it does look very promising

hey i’m new here and i’m an internet of things developer and i want to get a ship just like this where can i find it
Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher

It mentions an embedded solar panel. Do you know what the details of the panel and if that is still in the works? Also do you know if the gyro scope made the list for sensors to be added?
Thanks in advance.

Cell details are not public yet. We’ve actually evaluated different cells and harvester electronics for over 3 years now as we didn’t want to rush and create something that would work in perfect environments only.

We also want to keep the design robust and perfectly waterproof, and therefore not all the sensors will be integrated on the main board but can be used with help of Ruuvi Connector system:

how have you liked the trackers with your beehives? I’ve been thinking about doing the same