Ruuvitag PRO no air pressure

I have received my Ruuvitag Pro batch today. Looks really good! How come they do not measure air pressure like the standard ruuvitag? How come it is written nowhere explicitly that this sensor will no longer be available??


Sorry about the confusion. RuuviTag Pros currently ship in 3-in-1 and 2-in-1 models, which measure humidity, temperature and acceleration or temperature and acceleration respectively.

If you want, you can contact to return the 3-in-1 model sensors you have.

There is no confusion. The pro model naming suggests a ruggedized upgraded version of the traditional ruuvitag. Nowhere in the documentation or website is stated that the pro model lacks air pressure. Furthermore there are multiple locations that do suggest that air pressure is included, without explicitly excluding the pro model.
I did not purchase the tags for air pressure specifically, so no need to return them. However, I do find this a bit misleading and calls for some adjustments.

There should be quite many places stated that Pro doesn’t have air pressure sensor but we try to add more information what is included. Could you take a screenshot where is mentioned air pressure sensor and we will fix that, thanks.

You could add “feature matrix” for easy comparison of the products.

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That’s good idea!

I have often wondered what the use of atmospheric pressure is , other than as a short term barometric altimeter.

Of course I didn’t understand the use of an accelerometer was until I learned that it can report orientation. Subsequently I’ve got many uses for the accelerometer.

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I too fell victim to thinking that “pro” would be an upgrade. I even got chose 3-in-1 thinking it would be the sensors in old ruuvi tag. I have zero use for acceleration but would have had use for the air pressure. I’m using these as over priced weather stations. So it’s completely my mistake. Not very happy about making it though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: