RuuviTag no longer transmits

RuuviTag no longer transmits.
It is now already the second sensor that sometime after about 1-2 years begins to flash red continuously and nothing works.
It is the Senseoren with the Bosch and Sensirion sensor.
Does anyone know the problem?

This could be a low battery, especially if the tag has been with always-on connection to iOS device. Please try replacing the battery

Battery was changed, then the red light was constantly on.
It is the light for flashing, which also works, but after flashing the RuuviTag still does not work. Either nothing lights up or constantly permanent red


It’s possible that the components have damage and self-test of tag fails. Sometimes it can be seen from a picture of PCB, I can check if you send here a high-quality closeup of the circuit board.

In any case, if the RuuviTag is broken you can contact with the date of purchase and we’ll check if the tag is covered under warranty.