RuuviTag Discovery: web interface to see and send measures (MQTT, databases, Home Assistant)

Hi RuuviTags lovers! :slight_smile:

I coded a web interface to discover the RuuviTags, see data and save measures to MQTT, InfluxDB, Graphite and Home Assistant.

It’s a standalone nodejs application AND an Home Assistant add-on (via MQTT discovery).

You can read the github for all the features.

Happy testing! :wink:


This is super. Exactly what I have been looking. Now I don’t need to use Esp32 for Ruuvi discovery :smiley:

edit: For home-assistant

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Interface works very well. Thanks!
Just wonder if it should make ruuvi device available for automation too?
I understand it should happen through the Targets probably, but not sure how…

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Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, you can use RuuviTags with automation. Choose “device” as trigger and select your tag.
Then you should see measures in “Trigger” select.

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