Ruuvitag course for students

I’m currently having a opportunity to co-host a course for information technology students at Centria University of Applied Sciences. So decide to share my approach on using Ruuvitags in this course. As we have long history of using Ruuvitags this was quite easy path to choose.

This course focuses on student group (2-3 students) doing simple project and presenting their results to rest of the class. We decided that Ruuvitag and doing solutions with them would be one way to do a project. In the first class we represented course goals:

  • Come up with idea to work on
  • Present idea to rest of the class
  • Start working, work, work work
  • Midterm seminar, where each group present their current phase
  • Work, work work
  • End seminar & report.

As course is quite light on on premises classes, lot of work teching goes to tutoring groups along the course.

To get things started we presented, also in the first class, Ruuvitag basics (Ruuvitag.pdf (1.0 MB)) and held a customised 6-3-5 brainwriting session. This gave us 98 ideas to work with, most of them related to Ruuvitag.

More information about 6-3-5 brainwriting:

Now students are thinking of suitable project for them, and I try get teams who work with Ruuvitags to post their progress on this forum too.


This is great news and we’re looking forward to see new project topics!

All the students are also more than welcome to join our Slack team:

Great work! Cannot wait to see what young bright minds can develop :slight_smile:

*Note, I found one wrong information:

-> Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0