Ruuvitag and BLE 4.x

At Kronometrix we are planning to test and see how well RuuviTag compare against some bigger names like Vaisala, Tongdy, SenseAir, AirThings in terms of temperature and humidity readings.

One question I have: does RuuviTag work over BLE 4.0/4.2 or does it require min BLE 5? Our IoT gateway does not support yet BLE 5. We need to be able to fetch data from BLE 4.0 or 4.2


RuuviTags do work over BLE 4, and in fact the default firmware uses BLE4 rather than BLE5.

ahh, ok. many thanks for clarification

If you’re specifically interested in temperature and humidity, we have a few prototypes which have SHTC3 sensor without pressure. Please send an email to if you want to try them out too.