Ruuvicollector stops collecting data

I have installed ruuvicollector to Raspberry Pi 3+ and it works fine. It collects data, it is written to Influx and you can see all three tags data in grafana about 14 hours at a time.
Then the data collecting stops, but grafana and influx plays well. You can see the collected data, but you must reboot the device to get it collecting fresh data again.
Any ideas?

I use a system script with automatic restart, under “Finishing touches”

hcitool or something hangs in my Raspi. I have this in root’s crontab:

58 * * * * killall hcitool; hciconfig hci0 reset && hciconfig hci0 up

But I’m using ruuvitag_sensor python library.

Having similar issues with homeassistant & raspberry pi 3+. Either HW or hcitool.

Logs show escalation of issues, rebooting every night makes things work almost all the time except some occasions when things just stop working after random time since reboot.

raspberrypi kernel: [110134.572778] Bluetooth: hci0: Frame reassembly failed

raspberrypi kernel: [110885.311899] Bluetooth: hci0: command 0x1003 tx timeout

raspberrypi hass[487]: Can’t init device hci0: Connection timed out (110)

raspberrypi hass[487]: Could not open device: No such device

raspberrypi hass[487]: 2019-10-20 13:20:20 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.sensor] Updating ruuvi_hass sensor took longer than the scheduled update interval 0:00:30

I have a similar issue regarding the collection of data. To avoid it, I’ve set the Pi to reboot every night at 00.00, but sometimes data collection never resumes. If I ssh into the Pi and run ‘hcitool lescan’, it starts working immediately.

Is there anything that could be done about this?

EDIT: had this happen again. Now it only gets one set of readings after hcitool lescan and doesn’t seem to continue scanning.

I couldn’t get the thing working by rebooting in software. After powering the whole thing off with the power switch, I get fresh data. Very irritating :rage:

This is a new issue, I’ve heard of it only in installations done after the summer. It might be SW or HW related, all information on models of Pi, OS and HCItools is useful to track down the breaking change.

Mine is an RPi 3B+, your latest image is installed. I just checked and HCItools is the latest version available. I save data on my Windows PC so the RPi is only collecting and sending it over the network.

Got my homeassistant setup stable for at least 24 hours finally. Currently I am testing how long until hcitool stops working.

The solution was to add 10 seconds per each ruuvitag to the scanning delay. Default value was 10 secs and with my 5 tags I increased it to 60 secs and all errors stopped immediately.

Functioning homeassistant custom componen files and better readme with additional config options in case someone needs them:

I also tested running this with crontab instead of a daily reboot, and Ruuvicollector stopped working after the command line was executed. A reboot made it work again, but as mentioned earlier, sometimes collection doesn’t begin even then. Usually the problem occurs within one week or so.