Ruuvi to website REST API via bluetooth hub

Hi There,

I would like to send data via a bluetooth gateway (using REST API) to a website. Does anyone have an example code snippet that can demonstrate this?

I am using a Laird RG186 gateway.

Can you tell me a bit about how the gateway works? I’m sure I could check the docs too but I’m in a hurry :slight_smile:

Anyway, Closest thing that comes to my mind is
and . It works with a gateway that listens to BLE advertisements and pushes the advertisement data to a configurable address via MQTT or via HTTP POST.

Serverside listens to incoming raw bluetooth advertisement packets relayed by gateway, and if packet matches Ruuvi Format it is published. In this case the data is published to IOTA Tangle, your use case might require something different.

Clientside fetches the data from the Tangle and decodes it, replace backend as needed.
I’m actually working right now on code which listens to Ruuvi Station (Android app) transmissions and pushes data to InfluxDB, however I’m not planning to get it to a “production quality” any time soon.

Looking at the gateway in more detail, bluetooth is not even enabled on it! Its shipped on the basis that bluetooth will be enabled in the future.

For the moment could something like EspruinoHub on a raspberry PI be used to process MQTT to REST?