Ruuvi Station iOS

The Data under „MORE INFO“ is on iPad Pro with Dark Mode not really readable!

Thank you

This is probably a light/dark -theme issue. @Rinat FYI

I think, it’s a problem of Ruuvi Station, that seems not implement an theme for dark mode. It’s not an iOS problem if the software is not up to date and the dark mode not only exist since yesterday. I use only dark mode and I think an up to date App should work in all modes correctly. Or am I wrong?

Yes, exactly.

Thank you for your support.

I should have thought that one is not really thanked for supporting ruuvi on Kickstarter and buying 3 ruuvi tags. There is no point in having such great hardware if the software is not really maintained.

Thanks for nothing!


Task based on your complain is already in work. Don’t worry we’ll fix it ASAP.

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Thanks for nothing :slight_smile: Product which you purchased from Kickstarter 2016 has developed from software perspective quite much, it’s maintained all the time, and all works without any additional costs. Therefore thanks for nothing is quite far away from the reality :confused:


I agree with Henri, and found Puh’s comment a little childish: everything, now, for me. Thinking of being a special person with a Kickstarter history and 3 units, wow, that was something.

Granted, there are issues with software and hardware, and some are not fixed immediately, and customers can complain, but contructive feedback is better than just showing one’s frustration.

My comment was merely a reaction to otso’s cheeky reply. It’s not like I didn’t look in the forum for a report of this problem with the ruuvi station on iOS beforehand, but I didn’t find any report about it, so I wrote a constructive post with a screenshot. In response to this, I only received the hint from otso that this is a theme problem, i.e. a problem from iOS and not from ruuvi station. When I then wanted to make it clear that it was a bug from ruuvi station and not from iOS, I only received this cheeky short answer that I was wrong! I think it’s not my post that is childish, it’s the reply from otso to my post, that was childish!

The „thanks to nothing“ go to otso and not to ruuvi!