Ruuvi Station iOS public beta: Join TestFlight

First public iOS beta is now available:

Some known bugs still exist and those will be fixed soon. All feedback is welcome. Please leave your comment here:

EDIT (2nd April 2019): The beta group can be still joined but for normal normal use, please use stable versions available on the App Store.

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Configure for Fahrenheit ?

…added later ( Soon ?)

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I have now increased Ruuvi Station TestFlight tester limit. It was 100, now it’s more.

0.2.1 has this feature :metal: Available on TestFlight and soon on App Store.

YES it is ! Thanks it looks great! :clap:

Last week a new major Ruuvi Station iOS update got released on TestFlight.

This version has many new features such as user changeable backgrounds, humidity calibration, absolute humidity, dew point and so on. And more is coming…

Welcome also @Rinat to our team. He has recently made fantastic job with the iOS Ruuvi Station app :partying_face:

The iOS app codebase has been partly rewritten and it uses this framework created by @Rinat :

Ruuvi Station iOS on GitHub:

Better than ever!
Thanks Rinat

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New build 0.3(31) is available for testing on TestFlight. Minor fixes such as:

  1. fixed rotation issues in landscape mode
  2. fixed add-first-tag-issue (was: discover opened after adding first tag, is: dashboard is presented)
  3. logo in landscape mode is now moved to the left

Please share your thoughts and feedback :slight_smile:

Wow I never really understood dew point before!
Please add version number to about.

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New build 0.4(30) is available on TestFlight. It is delivering the following features to the Ruuvi Station app:

  1. Virtual Sensors

You can add a virtual sensor to your Ruuvi Station, for live current or fixed location. The data provider is OpenWeatherMap. By default the pull interval is set to 15 min, you can change it in “Menu”/”Settings”/”Foreground”/”Load and save from web”.

  1. Dark Mode support
  2. Localization (English, Finnish, Russian)
  3. Kelvin temperature unit in Settings
  4. Push Notifications for news and updates
  5. Page Sheet modal presentation style

For early adopters app contains the following experimental features:

  1. Charts
  2. Background logging
  3. Clear/Sync/Export logs

In order to use experimental features, you need to upgrade your firmware to 3.28.0 (or newer). After upgrading to 3.x firmware, you won’t be able to install the previous versions of the firmware without a DevKit. Upgrading firmware to experimental is risky and shouldn’t be used for production use cases. IMPORTANT NOTE: If firmware upload goes wrong (low battery or a connection error), it’s possible that a DevKit will be needed in order to rescue the sensor.

Steps to upgrade firmware:

  1. Download (or
  2. Open it with nRF Connect app on your mobile phone
  3. Enter DFU mode on the RuuviTag (see instructions
  4. Upload new firmware to the RuuviTag

Now the Ruuvi Station app is able to connect to the RuuviTag and listen to heartbeats in background. Add the RuuviTag to the RuuviStation (if it wasn’t added before), go to “Menu”/“Settings”/”Background”. You should be able to see it in the list. Toggle “Keep Connection” switch to connect to the RuuviTag and listen to the heartbeats. You can configure other experimental features, such as:

  • “Present Notifications” will show local notifications on connected/disconnected events if you’ve allowed notifications for Ruuvi Station
  • “Sync Logs When Connected” will trigger logs sync on connected event.
  • “Save Heartbeats” will save logs to the phones local database “every” N min.
  • “Read RSSI” will request RSSI value for connected RuuviTag “every” N sec.

Even if the Ruuvi Station is in minimized state - it continues to save RuuviTag heartbeats in background.


  1. RuuviTag stops advertising when in connected state.

Which means that if you toggle “Keep connection” on the iPhone, your iPad (or other device) won’t hear any advertisements from this particular RuuviTag. This is a limitation of the 3.28.0 firmware and it’ll be removed in the future.

  1. If you forcibly kill the app - the background logging stops working.

This is Apple restriction. iOS won’t wake up the app on RuuviTag discovery if user explicitly killed the app.

  1. The log history on the RuuviTag period is 6120 minutes max.

Which means that if you didn’t connect and sync logs with Ruuvi Tag for 5 days - you will see a gap on the chart.


Please try swipe up/down gestures on the cards and charts view to quickly access new screens for connectable RuuviTags.

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Please revise the DFU name to something short like since iPhone nRF does not display the entire name.

0.4(37) is released for Public Beta.


  1. Now Sync/Export/Clear buttons are shown directly on Charts screen.
  2. Timeouts added for connection/serving the logs.
  3. In Landscape the chart is shown “full screen”. Swipe up to see other charts in landscape.
  4. Exported CSV now contains readable date and Tag name.
  5. Other fixes and improvements.
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As long as builds are fetched from Jenkins, no. The naming scheme is for keeping track of the build type, board type and firmware type, so it becomes long. Once the builds are published to larger, non-developer audience, yes. The broader audience doesn’t need to know anything else than the version.

New build 0.5(14) is available on TestFlight. New feature: Alerts.

MovementDetected alert is awesome. I have a unit on garage door.

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Ruuvi Station 0.6(25) is released to Public Beta. We added ability to save every heartbeat option and moved from Realm Persistence to SQLite. We are storing last 3 days of data on device.

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