Ruuvi Station iOS (0.4). Charts for connectable firmware

Today we’ve released next version of our iOS app - Ruuvi Station 0.4.

The main new feature that the community was waiting for - charts.

In order to enable charts for your RuuviTag, the latest (connectable) firmware should be installed on the tag.

Note: upgrading firmware without DevKit is risky and MAY lead to bricking the tag.
Please don’t upgrade for production use cases and do it only if you can afford bricking the tag or you have a DevKit.

You can upgrade firmware using nRF Connect app and the 3.28.12 firmware.

Note: power consumption while being connected is high, and the battery life is expected to be <6 months in connected mode.

Other features include Dark Mode support, Virtual Tags, localization to Finnish and Russian languages, Kelvin temperature unit, iOS 13 page sheet style for presented screens, push notifications for news and updates and export history to CSV.

You can download the app in the AppStore.

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See the blog post for more info:

Ruuvi Station 0.5 with Alerts feature is released to the AppStore.

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Ruuvi Station iOS 0.6 is released. Save every heartbeat option together with advanced charts downsampling option is available to all users!

Heartbeats are available on experimental firmware only.

Please see about firmware required for charts.

Downsamling is an algorithm that significantly increases performance on charts view with huge datasets.