Ruuvi station: Faster scanning on background (Android)


I do not have the RuuviTag device yet (just ordered), but I intent to use it as a door motion detector. I read that the Ruuvi Station does scanning in minimum 15 sec intervals on background. That is too slow if someone quickly opens and closes the door at night. Does it mean that the door opening is not detected at all? Can I somehow set the background scanning rate faster, e.g. to 2-3 seconds?

For motion detection you can actually use the movement counter that’s present in the RAWv2 mode (data format 5) rather than just acceleration values. I’m not sure which version the tags ship with at the moment so it might be necessary to update your firmware if the firmware present on the tag is too old.

After this you can simply check the “Movement” checkbox under Alerts in the tag settings in RuuviStation app. This will alert you if the movement counter has been incremented since the last time, so you wont miss movements even if you are out of the tags reach for a while (although you obviously get the alert only when you’re back in range and receiving data again).

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Perfect! Thanks for a quick response.