Ruuvi in +85C


has anybody experiences in running Ruuvi above specs i.e. ++85C ambient?
We are making some temp cycling in an environment chamber having three (3) tags in there and raspberry listening to them.
One of the tags froze just below +87C, did we run out of scale or ruin the tag?
It seems anyhow that the power supply temp range has been exceeded long time ago, manufacturer states “usable temperature range -20…+70C”


Once I tried this:

The 127 degrees was a software limit. Haven’t experimented more after this. But seems that it can work for short times at least :slight_smile:

You should use extended temperature range batteries if you need to use RuuviTags at high temperatures, email to order special batteries.

our chamber is able to go only up to 70C, but inside the tested equipment it was slightly warmer.
Need to check the special batteries.