Ruuvi firmware test on PCA10040 - nRF52 DK board

Hi ,
I downloaded Ruuvi tag firmware 6 and managed to compile and load into EVB PCA10040
How can I disable Accelerometer and BME280 to test BLE firmware . Possibly enable another non- Ruuvi sensor ?
I have used SES project .


If you’re on 3.x branch of code on master has definitions of sensors onboard. You should be able to disable the sesnsors by e.g. #define APPLICATION_ENVIRONMENTAL_BME280_ENABLED (1 && RUUVI_BOARD_ENVIRONMENTAL_BME280_PRESENT) but since the 3.x code is alpha there might be some bugs to work out afterwards.

Development branch supports PCA10040 out of the box, but I’ll delete the branch once completed and merged to master. That branch also doesn’t support GATT.

Hi Otso ,
Thanks for reply . I will give it test .

Hi Otso ,
I have modified ( disabled ) non-existing sensors and now firmware is running on PCA10040.
Of course only MCU temp sensor is giving real vakues
I have downloaded Ruuvi Station APK and it is reading from my board . With one exception
when I setup uBeac http post url and background scanning to 10 sec I cannot see any data
on uBeac side .
IS this related to not having real HW Ruuvi or it should be independent from
HW ?
uBeac url is :

Thanks RAdim .


I’m needing more details here. Did you build on master or the development branch?
Can you see Ruuvi transmissions with nRF Connect scan?

Hi Otso,
I have build master branch project ruuvitag_b and modified ruuvi_board_ruuvitag_b.h
as seen on picture .MCU temp is being reported to APK OK
But URL does not work . I have tested url in config button and it tested OK .|
But no data send to ubeac. When I test ubeac from browser I get posts .


RuuviTag is a BLE device, so there has to be something to convert BLE to internet traffic. Can you see the BLE data with nRF Connect? How does the BLE data get sent to the Internet? Does your system work with RuuviTags?

Hi Otso ,
I have found problem . My URL was not correctly transferred to phone .
Font displayed capital I as lower case L so now Ruuvi station reports to ebeac correctly .
Thanks for you time and help .

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