Ruuvi Devkit support

I am a beginner and am trying to develop a program to connect RUUVI with an android app. I haven’t seen a proper documentation for beginners to develop programs. I currently have the RUVVI dev kit and would like to see how to develop firmware in it. Are there any tutorials or example codes available for me to walk-through. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



It would be helpful if you’d tell us a bit more about what you want to do with your app.

In general, I’d start with sources in master branch, and build the communication on top of Nordic UART Service. There is no tutorial available yet.

You can simplify your app a lot if you can use RuuviTag in broadcast only mode, as then the firmware is easily adapted to your needs and Ruuvi Android app sources can be your starting point for building the app.

I would like to develop and application which uses the sensors from a ruuvi to create a a vehicle information system providing the user with information such as acceleration , g forces, temperature etc. Would I be able to add additional sensors( Gas Sensor, Flame Sensor etc) on top the ruuvi and create custom firmware to send that information as well, also change the communication rate?