Ruuvi beginner problem

Hi, I started with ruuvi and Espruino by flashing latest firmware ( ) which worked fine. I can connect and run the basic LED1 example but at the moment where I try to load the RuuviTag module (var ruuvi = require(“Ruuvitag”)) I get error Module not found.
in the console I see: “MODULES”:“Flash,Storage,heatshrink,net,dgram,http,NetworkJS,crypto,neopixel” and no Ruuvitag module.
Do I need another firmware and where can I get it?

Many thanks



Please check the console

Usually module not found is caused by a restrictive firewall which prevents Espruino from downloading the code.

Hi otso,
thanks a lot, you pointed me to the right direction. My mistake was to type in the command (left side) instead of using the right text area of the IDE and “Send to Espruino” which then downloads the module. Reading the manual helps sometimes :wink: (



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