Ruuvi and Openhab binding

Ruuvi and Openhab
Do any of you use Openhab? I can see that somebody have made a "binding for "Blukii in Openhab. but a Ruuvi “binding” would be nice to have (my favorite HW).
Looks like it has to be build in Java, and I where hoping somebody here would step up to the task :slight_smile:
I’m interested to hear from other users of Openhab. (And im not looking for the nodered-mqtt solution or the use of aspruino i know that is possible)


Looks interesting. Maybe I’ll have a chance to try OpenHAB out and see how adding bindings would go :thinking:. I think @scrin made a generic library for parsing Ruuvi data with Java?

Yes, it’s called ruuvitag-common-java

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@otso @ptrapnes Hi guys

Hope you did not start work on this yet.

It’s already been originally discussed here: Collecting RuuviTag measurements and displaying them with Grafana

PR is here: (note that it required some fixes to bluez bundle as well to detect devices based on manufacturer id)

It’s already working (with some unnecessary logging), final stages of review. I welcome you to give feedback and test it out

UPDATE: the binding has been merged, and will be part of standard openHAB 2.5.0 release. You can probably use 2.5.0-snapshot version as well until then


Thanks for pointing it out, I’ve so far only downloaded the OpenHAB image but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet :slight_smile:

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Did they fix the problem that it not support bluez after version 5.47?

At least the documentation still points to github issue at intel

Any news regarding openhab3? Does the ruuvi binding work under Openhab3? It was not listed as far as I can tell. @ssalonen

Hi @Control.

Ruuvi plugin should be available in openHAB3, and it is listed on the website:

Documentation is here:

The issues with newer bluez is history thanks to general improvements way bluetooth devices are handled in openHAB (see e.g. this issue

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Excellent, thank you very much.

Once I installed the bluetooth binding ruuvitag was available.
Now working, first readings received.

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FYI: Cant get any life out of Ruuvi’s on macOS and latest OpenHAB :frowning: macos 11.2 and Macbook M1