Renaming my Bluetooth beacon

just want to ask,is that possible to i to rename my ruuvi name to something else?

my ruuvi name just now display Ruuvi62ca. and i want it to rname as ‘Ruuvi1’

so what should i have to do it (hardware & software)and if have tutorial on it can you just share with me

thank :wink:

Hello, which fw version you’re running?

Name is generated in firmware, and it can be adjusted as needed.

right now im running on eddystone_dfu_2.3.0
which firmware should i go to adjust my ruuvi tag?

Why do you want to change the name?
The current code generates a unique name based on the MAC address of the device. This permits unique names for each ruuvi.

Right now im doing some project on ruuvi ,my company will buy several of Ruuvi and place them in several block and level. My idea to put Ruuvi name according to block and its level such RuuviB1L2(ruuvi at block 1 and at level 2)

Making a separate firmware for each tag might not be the best approach. Have you considered using MAC addresses of RuuviTags to identify the beacon and name the beacons by MAC on your application or backend?

You can check live demo for an example on how to name tags on the backend side rather than renaming the tags themselves.

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