Recovery of Ruuvitag from Scratch


Although the web page below (section With Segger J-Link) describes the process of recovering the device’s full firmware from scratch, I would like to clarify a few questions:

a. Please kindly confirm the understanding that the ZIP distribution package found at the below link contains just the application (i.e. it excludes the bootloader and the softdevice).

b. Furthermore, please kindly confirm which softdevice has been used to build the currently posted version (my assumption is s132_nrf52_3.0.0_softdevice.hex). In case this matching is important (which it seems to be), please allow me to suggest that the tag documentation should always make reference to both.

c. Lastly, as I am using Segger and its adoption is in progress, may I please suggest you guys to make available a HEX version of the bootloader?

Many thanks in advance, as I actually managed to damage FW of one tag and need to recover it to factory state.



Full hex package is in , it has softdevice + bootloader in it. I’ll add the compiled bootloader to the release.

Softdevice is 3.1.0, you can download it from Nordic Semiconductor. I’ll update the readme with these details.

Recovery successful. And thanks again for updating Readme.