READ FIRST: About the I Need Help With My Project category

Do you need RuuviTag firmware customization help? Server backend consulting? Or a new website? Leave a message.

We have created this category because we want talented developers to match with those who need work to be done.

The only rule is that topic has to start with a prefix which clearly tells what the topic is about.


  • WANTED: Part time help with an iOS mobile app project
  • OFFER: I’m an Android mobile app programmer and I do freelancing
  • FULL TIME JOB: We’re looking for an embedded C programmer

In the topic, please introduce yourself and your need/offering. Tell also what is the preferred way to contact you. Remember also to keep the topic up to date! If the topic is not relevant anymore, modify its header’s prefix to: “ OLD:

Be creative. Make the topic look interesting so that it quickly gets the job done :sunglasses:

Note that to use the board, your offering does not need to be directly related to Ruuvi products. But because of the nature of this space and Ruuvi Community members’ interest areas, let’s keep the board related to Information Technology field.

More info: