Pinch to zoom

I do not understand the zoom levels. At least with the iOS App I can zoom the temperature to fK (femto Kelvin, i.e., 10^-15) but the time axis only to 1-minute precision.

I rarely need fK precision for the temperature, but maybe I am very nonchalant person. I also wonder if the sensor is even able to provide that precision. But the measurements happen every 1-2 seconds so some additional zoom on the time axis might be welcome.

Seriously, please have a look at the zoom levels.

Thanks for the feedback, @lauri it’s more about UX question. Could you please review it?

X axis’ 1 minute precision seems to match with the Android app. Y axis can bee zoomed in too much and seems that when zooming in one graph (for example temperature), on iOS all the graphs are zoomed in. This is not how it works on Android. The apps should offer the same UX on this. I’m creating an issue about this.

I found an update to the iOS App today, not yet in my App Store this morning. My comments were on the previous version.

I had a look at how it works now

  1. The y axes on all 3 graphs zoom when one graph is zoomed in the y axis
  • This makes no sense to me, and it was not like this before
  1. The x axes on all 3 graphs zoom when one graph is zoomed in the x axis
  • I believe it was not this way yesterday, but this makes sense to me
  1. Landscape and portrate views are different
  • When I change the phone from landscape to portrate, the x and y axes are often very different. This makes no sense
  1. On iOS, landscape view only show temperature
  • This makes no sense to me

I see no reason for the graphs to behave differently in iOS vs. Android. If there is a good way, please use it on both. At least the current iOS design decisions appear odd to me.

In landscape mode on IOS, stroke up to see other graphs.

Thanks for pointing this out.

I actually tried to swipe, to see the other graphs. In many different parts of the screen. It would have worked if I had not zoomed the y axis. So, with a zoomed y axis swiping did not take me to another graph. Instead, it panned the y-zoomed graph to the end of the y axis, and only then moved to another graph. When I tried this yesterday, I did not swipe long enough.

Anyways, this is not the way it should work. I should not be forced to pan the y axis all the way before being allowed to see another graph because it takes time and I had chosen to zoom on purpose, maybe wanting to return the to same zoomed spot after having looked at the other graph. Also, when zooming to fK level, it takes a long time to pan.

Actually, I would not even allow inter-graph swiping from the area of the current graph. The graph area should be for panning, be panning possible (zoomed graph) or not (unzoomed graph). The inter-graph swiping should only be possible via areas outside the graphs, to keep panning and inter-graph swiping separate.

On Android it seems that inter-graph swiping is not needed because all graphs are shown all the time, even in landscape view. This is unfortunate because the landscape view is unreadable. I do not know how easy it is to accommodate different screen sizes and aspect ratios but on a regular phone the landscape view is useless.