OpenMQTTGateway and latest firmware not working


I’m usin OpenMQTTGateway on a small Esp32 board to listen for BLE sensors. But Ruuvitags’ data, with 2.5.9 firmware, looks like this:
Received json : {"id":"CC:CA:7E:52:CC:34","rssi":-84}
No data to parse. Is there any way to get their data to MQTT and Home Assistant? I mean without buying separate Ruuvi Gateway as I already have a working BLE2MQTT.

Does it mean that Ruuvi is going to be a closed product company that supports only their devices and I have to ditch all ruuvitag and use some zigbee sensors in my Home Assistant automations?


That sounds like issue in OpenMQTTGateway. FW 2.5.9 supports data formats 3 and 5. Modes can be switched with button press. Maybe you’re using a mode which is not supported by the OpenMQTTGateway firmware?

Data of RuuviTags is available in Bluetooth advertisements, documentation which we use internally is publicly available and firmware of RuuviTags and Ruuvi Gateway is open source. There’s no reason to be worried about Ruuvi’s being closed.

I had tags with very old firmware and their decoded data was viewable in the json string. But when I updated to the newest firmware. No data is in the string. I tried RAWv1 and RAWv2.
There is another thread about missing data and the solution was to use gateway-system that can handle ruuvi’s python decoder code.

But yes probably the problem is in OpenMQTTgateway to read their data. I try to research their forums.

See this topic for the recently added support of RuuviTags in OpenMQTTGateway: