New project: Ruuvi Dongle


No sir, its both.
I need a bunch of tags in a field that has a mobile phone mast about 50mtrs away and no mains power.
Connection to a wifi network is not possible so cellular 3/4G seems the only way I can get the data out remotely.


Without mains power available, our product is not a good fit. Something that is much lower power with cell data support makes sense. This Rigado product might be a commercial grade option: They advertise cell data support to.

Hope the info helps.


Heh thanks, Mjanke.
It seems to me there is still something of a missing link here and tbe use of short range BT tags in the field literally, in a field, will not be feasible until that link is made.
Cellular hats are available for Rpi etc and with the current collector, Influx/Grafana solution the tags can be deployed anywhere there is cellular connectivity (most everywhere in the UK) now and the data can be accessed, again with a device with celullar access…
The issue is the hats have mulit-functionality and are therefore costly and have relatively high power requirements, a 2amp supply at times.
If strkes me if a device could be made with functionality reduced to the minimum we need for the level of data transmission at say 10 or 15 min intervals over cellular connectivity, the power needs could be met with a battery/solar charger set up.
That was my wish when I backed Ruuvi on Kickstarter and we still apparently have that missing link today.


In general, we use RPi and Beaglebone devices for prototyping only. Their quality (along with available accessories such as enclosures) is not quite up to commercial or industrial standards.

For the use case that you are suggesting (15 min upload frequency), I suspect that a low-power gateway with good power management support (to sleep in between BLE and cell comm periods) would last for months from a larger format, off-the-shelf rechargeable battery (20AHr - 30 AHr). Without doing a power budget, on the fly I would expect 2 - 4 months of use. Really, it will vary dramatically on how much data is sent and how frequently.

Of course setup of solar would address required battery replacement or recharge, but it would also add cost. I won’t comment on options or price as I am not familiar with solar tech for these kinds of installs.

If the Rigado offering (or any other) does not support this kind of system, something custom could be developed.


Hi Guys,
I have written some code for RUUVI-Dongle based on esp32. Please go to the following link in order to access the code.

Please go through the file for more details about what this project does and how to test the code using esp32 dev-kit.

I am struggling with a small issue of TLS error while connecting to AWS. I hope your feedback would surely help us fix this issue sooner.


I was thinkiing more of battery power in the 2000 mah 2cell lipo area and a corresponding sized solar panel.
Its the cellular bit that needs the power apparently.


I did some further work based on @rhr407 code, and .

The esp32-ble2mqtt and esp32-wifi-manager are forked and converted into esp-components, and the main project is based on @rhr407’s work. Sources can be found at . Right now the MQTT server is hardcoded, I use MQTT.fx to subscribe to the MQTT data.

Please check it out and let me know how the look and feel is. @rhr407 What kind of attribution you’d like on the project files? Please let me know and I’ll add copyright details or open a pull request with the changes.


Data collected with ESP32 is now flowing :slight_smile: image