New project: Ruuvi Dongle


I think a fixed ~24h polling interval is the best, because it can just happen that you get nearly no discrepancy at all, and then an algorithm would pick an excessively long time. Also because once a day is really rare in terms of resource consumption, adding an algorithm just adds unnecessary clutter and possibility of additional bugs.

Timeout is not really as you’ll just try again the next day or something


If the timestamp is a numeric string the exact length doesn’t really matter, and on a server the memory usage is not a big issue. Maybe this has to be revisited if millions of tags are collecting data into one server / cluster, but at this point there is no need to optimize last bytes of data.

Good point, I’ve not checked but I’d be surprised if there is no RSSI in data given by ESP32. The RSSI should be included.

Whitelisting would be a nice-to-have feature, not strictly necessary. But having it would definitely be a good thing. It would also let users to have only one firmware rather than recompiling and flashing if they want to include / exclude new tags


“Beware of timeout” was meant as a reminder that the code should not hang waiting for response as the sample I referenced does.


Time server should be configurable since I am sure that some users will not be able to access (firewall) and will need to reference a local timeserver.

Can that (and other configuration items come from DHCP server?


The algorithm needs to be smart enough not to pick a “next poll time” that is neither too soon nor too late. Consider more frequent polling reduces the complications when the local system clock is fast, and needs to be “stalled”. It’s not so simple.


Will there be Slack channel for Dongle? I assume it can be used also for other (sensor) beacons


Wow, this is what I’ve been waiting for!

How about PoE input for the dongle, we would get LAN connectivity and power at the same time.


I created a channel #ruuvidongle on slack, please join in :slight_smile:


This is something we’ve been considering.

It would be a great option for some users and not useful for others. We’ll look into it for sure.


Have you cosidered the Fanstel open source Wifi to BLE gateway which is low cost as seen here - BWG832F ;


Also, Fanstel do BLE dongle as attached …BWG Gateway.pdf (287.4 KB)