New project: External Ruuvi sensor boards

I like the ideas. Can we get a 3.5 mm jack for using it with an IR Blaster cable / Current Transformer for ac current measurements ? If not then how about an IR Blaster with ~4 IR transmitters and 1 IR receiver?

What about cases for all these sensors? Both the IR and VOC would need a special case to not block the signal and to allow enough air flow.


The sensor board will be wired externally outside the case, naturally this will mean that the external sensor board won’t have the IP67 rating of Ruuvi enclosure.

Idea is to make the sensor boards easy enough for anyone to make their own, maybe we should make one variant which has the connectors and 0.1" through holes for easy prototyping (@lauri)

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interesting idea. I’d like to try to measure a higher temperature (around 200 ° C) using a two-wire platinum sensor PT100 / 1000. the required accuracy is not great 5-10° C. do you think it really works?


PT100/1000 -sensors are resistive and quite expensive. It’s easier to measure thermocouple voltage directly with ADC and I’d think that temperature range and accuracy you’re looking for could be reached

Hi lauri!
Very helpful would be
a CO2 - sensor (for example SCD30 or its successor, or K30 (high precision, but ext. power required), or CozIR LP2
a O2 Sensor (like Alphasense LFO2-A4 or Membrapor M100) via LMP91000 or NJU9101 /I2C)
Would make the Ruuvi to a perfect HVAC control unit and more…

Voltage and Current for my caravan battery

But voltage also opens a range of analog sensors

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1-wire temp sensors and 1-wire addressable switches for sure. The switches can turn on actuators for closed loop control!