"Movement detected" on Grafana dashboard?


the Ruuvi station app is very responsive when it comes for detecting movement on Ruuvi tags. Anyone know what is the magic query behind the function?

I would like to try and add that same kind of “movement detected” alarm in Grafana and maybe even some dashboard visualization if the tag has been moved.

If your setup is based on RuuviCollector and you are using the RAWv2 format on your tags, there is a field called “movementCounter” which is incremented every time a movement is detected (until it rolls over back to 0 at 255). In grafana you can add a difference() function (under Transformations) and set up an alarm for cases when the value is non-zero (=the value has changed)


Thanks! With this trick you made me to update the firmware for the first time, and also set the RAWv2 mode on!

The dashboard starts to look like a starship command panel full of information I thought never existed…