Long gaps in measurements even when tag nearby

I have Samsung Galaxy A51-5g phone and I have big problems with reliability of the measurement intervals with Ruuvi Station.

Even if I have RuuviTag nearby (< 1m) and I keep watching the measurement value and do not move the phone, there are suddenly several minutes of gaps between signals. With background scanning (2 min interval) it is even worse, can be no data for hours.
That of course makes alarms useless.
In most cases if I switch to another app and come back, the connection is made again.

I have discussed this with Lauri Jämsä and he told that there are some phone models that have problems with Bluetooth, maybe mine is one of those.

I made an issue of this in git but it seemed new to developer so now I would like to know if others have same problems?

One solution might be Gateway but it is not meant to fix problems with scanning so it would be quite expensive solution.

Any ideas/comments?

When you use application in foreground mode how long does it take usually to see this glitch? How stable it to reproduce? After your post on GitHub I tried get the same on my phones? but it’s just working, no problems in foreground mode at all.

We got application version for debugging that write logs to a text file. You can get it here:

In Artifacts section you need to get file withFilelogsTestApk. Please make a clean install and try to reproduce bug. Once it reproduced you can send me your log to denis@ruuvi.com. Log can be found in Downloads folder of your phone, filename should be current date.

The problem appears any time but varies a lot, usually from few minutes to 1 hour at least one longer gap appears.

Thank you, now that version is installed (removed the orig. Ruuvi Station first) and so far it seems to work fine, of course only some minutes in use :slight_smile:

Is there some way to reset the log so that it could contain only nearby data if the problem occurs again? The log gets really long and it would help you if I could only send the part that is close to start of the problem.

It would be great if the log resets when I clear the chart for example.

I changed the bg scan interval to 10 seconds so that I see possible gaps during longer time.

So far no gaps, is this version somehow different from the Play Store version other than by log feature?

You can try to delete log file to clear it. No other options.

No difference with Play Store version.

So do you use app in foreground mode? Gaps in foreground mode is strange behavior, but in background mode, especially for Samsung, is hard to beat sometimes. For Samsung it’s crucial to setup battery saver and disable optimizations. Maybe you can find useful advices here: Samsung | Don’t kill my app!

ok that is simple way, thanks!
(how to delete my message here?) As I replied to earlier message, I did not include quote and so this message is now in two places, and alone this looks silly :slight_smile:

Thank you very much! I have Android 11 and I did not have that optimization turned off for RuuviStation (tried to follow the instructions on RuuviStation settings but it was way more complicated to find than I thought) and now it seems there are no gaps! Almost an hour without any gaps, even in bg!

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Glad to help!

Maybe we should include this link inside app. :thinking:

I think that would be good, there are so many different routes to those settings in different phone models that one simple ‘path’ does not apply to all phones.

BTW, do you prefer feature ideas in the git or here?
I start here but just say if you want me to go to git :slight_smile:

It would be great if the sensor could be switched also in chart mode. Now I have to switch back to number display to switch sensor. The sensor name could work the same in chart view i.e. sliding it would change sensor.

Another feature: combined chart for many sensors. Could be separate charts for different types but combined in one chart, like all temps in one with colored charts to tell which is which.

Also what does the Sync button on RuuviStation actually do? It works and does something but what?

Ah it seems to get history from some point to chart but can you explain what it actually does in details? :slight_smile:

RuuviTag stores history inside (depends on firmware) and by clicking Sync you can connect to sensor and download history data. In latest version of the app history interval to download depends on Chart history view period and can be up to 10 days.

And one more thing: is it possible to read sensor data using Python in Windows? I have one table computer that has BlueTooth and I would like to try to read data but I have no idea how. There are some Python-related codes on your site but they are not for Windows (or do not work in Windows). Is it actually possible to use Windows computer to read data reliably in general and if so, preferably with Python?

We got special place for suggestions and feedback in general: https://feedback.ruuvi.com/

I don’t know anything about developing using Python for Windows. Try to ask in here 🇬🇧 Other Programming - Ruuvi Forum

or also in Slack(http://slack.ruuvi.com/) or Telegram channel (Telegram: Contact @ruuvicom)

Oh ok, thanks!

Actually we have feedback.ruuvi.com for new ideas :ok_hand:

Yes I just added some there :slight_smile: