LED Flash codes

What does a constantly flashing red LED following an Eddystone reboot over DFU signify please?
Only way to stop it is to remove the battery.
Weather app uploads and works fine.

My first guess would be that something causes your RuuviTag to reboot over and over again. The device starts in bootloader (red led on), goes to application, reboots, starts in bootloader (red led on) and so on.

Correct behavior on Eddystone would be to blink green led when there is activity, once per second by default.

I’m not sure what’s exactly wrong with the tag, the tag is in working condition if the Weather Station application works as expected. The issue might be caused by corrupted Eddystone update, the bootloader verifies the checksum of application and reboots if the checksum is incorrect.

Could you please try to upload Eddystone again to rule out the corruption?


I deleted the eddystone zip file from nRF toolbox and reloading it from the website and reloaded it to two tags.

One was fine the other is not, on toolbox reporting download complete, the red led comes on flashing about once per second.

Scanning for the Beacon it is not in bootloader mode and is not in transmiting eddystone either.

Pressing B and A puts it back into boot loader with the red led on.

Pressing the A button and the led starts flashing again.

The only way to stop it is to take the battery out.

Ok finally got the device to boot load with Eddystone.

But only by using a freshly loaded Nrf Toolkit onto a new Android tablet, fresh download of the .zip file and loading the weather app first and even then it took several goes.

The Nrf toolkit shows the upload proceeding normally up to completion but then the legend ‘file not loaded’ comes up and suddenly in the Nth try, it works.


There seems little difference in terms of reliability between the Nrf toolkit on IPad and Android.

Thank you for the update, I’m happy to hear that the tag is working.
I have heard previous reports of iOS version of nRF toolkit being less reliable, but not silently corrupted packages being transferred.