Is there a way to (pre)order Ruuvi Node


Is there a way to (pre)order Ruuvi Node ?
If the answer is not yet , can you share some estimated timeline ?

Thank you

Not yet. We’ll update everyone once possible. We’re aiming to start first pilots Q3 and onwards.

Thanks @lauri & Ruuvi community for the work you’re doing in the open source/hardware space.

While waiting for the Ruuvi Node release, I’m thinking to build a small prototype myself that does the following:

  • gets data from Ruuvi beacon via Bluetooth.
  • sends the collected data to a cloud api (via https post for example).
  • sending data to cloud would be over an LTE module.

Would you recommend a pycom gpy (LTE+Bluetooth) combined with a set of Ruuvitags to build that ? Any other open source hardware/software alternatives would you recommend to check/consider ?

If it can listen BLE broadcasts reliably, then yes. If you’ll try it out, keep us posted how its scanning works :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Lauri,

I’m a very satisfied customer of your company (Ruuvi tag user).
So, I’m very interested in your new announced Ruuvi Node, also professionally within the company I work for.
We are in a process with a manufacturer / Agent in the Netherlands for setting up a system like the Ruuvi node.

Can you please give an update on the status of the price and delivery date?

Many thanks in advance.

Leendert Vermeulen
The Netherlands.

Ruuvi Node is still in internal testing only due to some nRF9160 chipset related delays. We’re working closely with Nordic Semiconductor and we’re are confident that Ruuvi Node will function beautifully once it’s ready to be piloted.

We’re working hard to get everything ready and we’ll keep everyone posted about upcoming updates.

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Hi, big interest in the tracker concept, we are currently searching a solution for trial implementation before end of the year. You were talking about Q3 in the previous messages. We are very closed to Q4, any update on a possible availability for limited trial ?
Thanks for your help, Best, Alain

Please check the previous message on this thread about the status :slightly_smiling_face: We’re working to get everything ready but not everything is on our hands and therefore public piloting on Q3/Q4 cannot be met this time. We’ll keep you posted, guys.

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We are looking forward to it ruuvi Node. Courage with the project! Surely it will be a success. Congratulation for your works

Looking forward to this product to deploy as a gateway in our smart building tech. We already have a few dozen buildings wired up and partnership with a carrier to test LTE & 5G equipment.
Please communicate with me if you want a pilot in Canda.

What is the current estimate for the release month/year and pricing of Ruuvi Node? (Latest update I could find was that it would become available for beta testing in Q3 or Q4 last year.)

Ruuvi Node is delayed and currently in development. We will update its schedule once we have new info to share.

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