Intermittent connection from RuuviTag

I’ve got RuuviTags which I bought years ago. One has been measuring on the balcony happily for a couple if years, but in February it started flagging low battery in the Ruuvi Station app (iOS) and then died. I finally got around sourcing a battery and replaced it, but the tag seems to have intermittent connectivity.

  • The tag only updates itself about every 2-3 minutes or so in Ruuvi Station, even when sitting right beside my devices. All the other tags I have in the app update every second. I an trying this on two separate iOS devices, both on the current iOS and the newest Ruuvi Station from App Store as of today.

  • The tag shows up intermittenly on nRF Connect device search. I have tried starting the device search a dozen times and have had the tag show up about three times. The signal strength is good when it does. I can see all my other tags consistently. This is on the same device as the Ruuvi Station.

  • The tag itself was updated to the freshest firmware in, I think, late 2022. It worked fine after the upgrade.

  • The tag has the green led blinking after a reset, and also when it does not come up in search / data is not updating. The battery is brand new, and I am testing this now from the immediate vicinity of the devices.

Any ideas to how to revive the tag? Cheers!

Hi @avs ,

Thanks for your message.

I believe your sensors are currently connected to both iOS devices at the same time. In Ruuvi Station if you go to sensor settings page and disable “Pair and use background scan” on the second device it should then work normally again.

Kind regards,

I tried and something odd hapoens. It was paired with one of the devices (not both). I tried to switch pairing off from the one device and the toggle switch in Ruuvi Station would revert to the “paired” state after a second by itself (multiple tries).

After deleting it from both devices, neither one can find it in the device search - except for nRF Connect that sometimes shows it and then it again disappears for the next search.

Hi @avs ,

Sounds like iOS is keeping the Bluetooth pairing for some reason and therefore tag is not advertising as connectable. We have a new build coming out with some probably related bug fixes soon, possibly in coming week. Please try out with this version and report back to us if this didn’t resolve this issue.


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Right, let’s see! A symptom which I do not fully understand though is - the tag doesn’t even always appear in the nRF Connect scan. All the other tags, including those that are paired to another device, do. And when the problematic tag does appear in the nRF Connect scan, it has the ”Connect” button in the nRF Connect device list, as if it was connectable.

Is the status now the following:

  • Tag is deleted from the Ruuvi Station app but when trying to add it you cannot find it? And same continues if you remove battery and add it back again?
  • RuuviTag green LED is blinking normally?
  • There’s no any other iOS devices which could be connected to the sensor?