Integrating RuuviTag with Thingsboard IoT platform

About the Project

We are software engineering students at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. We have been working on an IoT project using the Thingsboard platform. As part of the project we have collected and visualized weather data from RuuviTags. You can find more about the project from our Gitlab repository. For reading the RuuviTag’s bluetooth we are using the RuuviTag Sensor Python library.


In our setup we have placed two RuuviTags in different rooms, connected to Raspberry Pi 3 devices. The data is collected to a Cassandra database through Thingsboard. We are using RuuviTags in RAW mode and collecting temperature, humidity, air pressure, acceleration and battery voltage. This data is sent and collected by MQTT broker. The system is also sending alerts, should the parameters cross the preset limits.

The project is still work in progress, with code improvements and documentation to be added. RuuviTag devices have been great to work with because of their ease of use, low power consumption and customizability. :slight_smile:


Cool project, guys! Thanks for sharing this.

I can see this as a good candidate to be published on RuuviLab. Would you be interested?

Thank you!

Yes, it would be interesting to be part of the Ruuvi community. We would like to know more about RuuviLab.


We have made a tutorial concerning this topic. Check it out!

Please, do give us feedback and comments about the tutorial.


Hi, this look nice. I have now try to make like in the instructions and it works fine. But after power off Cassandra not get connection to anymore ? Have you get this issue with rpi3?

FWIW I also integrated ThingsBoard in my system… Since I am using my moded version of the firmware, the accelerometer data is realtime… If you have too much time on your hand you can have a look at my dashboard You’ll be able to know the temperature in Bangkok, know when my front door opens, see the status of some of my lamps… plus the radar graph is fun too watch.

As for Cassandra not getting the connection, I’ve seen it and I think it is a problem on their side.

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Well since I couldn’t get Node-RED working with my CHIP i decided to give this one a try. But could some of you tell what command should I use if I choose to use Live Demo of thingsboard as it is recommended by thingsboard. So when following hat guide above, there’s a part when I shoud use command:

nohup ruuvitag-thingsboard -at access_token -ip thingsboard_ip_address -macs /path/to/maclist.txt &

I can get that access token from created device at live demo, but if I place instead of IP I get message:

[1] 1322
user@chip:~$ nohup: ignoring input and appending output to ‘nohup.out’

So what is the right format to use, when using live demo instead of installed version?

Or am I missing something here? Isn’t that clearly saying that they recommend to use Live Demo, thos it should be able to work witth that?

i am recently working on a project and have installed thingsboard on raspberry pi but the telemetry will never show my data, i have used the same arduino codes as given in their websites
what am i doing wrong?

Dear iotscouts.
Could you please share me the process how i can connect ruuvitag–>ruuvistation–>thingsboard ?