Increasing data broadcast frequency

I’m trying to increase the broadcast frequency for Ruuvi’s data - in particular I need much more acceleration data. By default it seems to broadcast this data a few times a second but we need this to be much more frequent. From what I understand, this means altering the firmware.

I’ve been playing with the tags now for a few weeks but when it comes to this side of things I’m a bit lost. This is the only thing I need to change - can anyone who is savvy with the firmware side of things point me in the right direction of how to simply increase the broadcast frequency for the Weather Station template? (I’m aware that this will probably decrease the battery rapidly)

If I recall correctly, the default firmware broadcast at 2 Hz but the data is update only at 0.2 Hz (i.e. every 5 secs)

I modified the firmware to update the accelerometer data at 2Hz with sampling at a higher rate. you could reuse my code and do:

  Sample the accelerometer at a higher rate
 Broadcast data at a higher rate

That should be quite simple… The code is on Github

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If you want higher frequency acceleration data, you’ll need to adjust the LIS2DH12 sampling frequency. I’d also recommend implementing a GATT profile which pushes acceleration data as notifications to get faster data rates than what is possible by listening to advertisement packets.

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