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Now, I want to try to be a simple as I can, I need to know and understand the following, but first let me make my use of Ruuvi clear:

I’m an affiliate marketer and I want to use Ruuvi to broadcast my URL up to 1.4km with your tech and google nearby tech.

So how do I do this and is this possible?

If it is possible could someone who is smart tell me how to do this step by step please…

Hi Method2damadness,

The range depends on environment and smartphone (receiver). RuuviTag has very good antenna which allows much longer range than usual beacons.

You can find more information here:

Please note also that your website needs to fulfill Google’s requirements that it’s visible on smartphones.


Okay so once I have ‘configured’ the beacon, which the video instructs - that will essentially enable me to project a url up to up to 1.4km? Ad if it can enable me to do that, what settings do I need to employ?

Also what do you mean about “smartphone (receiver)”?

Like, what makes it hard for someone to receive my notification?

Also I did see the video on the range and from what I have understood, the range was close to 500m - which brings me to my next question:

Does the beacon emit BLE in a radius of 500m, horizontally and vertically or does it project in a straight forward line for example?

I have drawn a radius on a map, and I want to know if it’s possible to have my URL show up up to the radius, the radius is 500m and in a park, here is the URL to it:

But thank you for the swift reply!


It’s impossible to say exact number because range depends on obstacles and environment. I suggest that you test range in environment you are planning to use. Longest ranges are measured with line of sight.

It’s not possible draw any exact radius - from the same reason your smartphone GSM signal is not always the same. It depends on location and environment.

Different smartphones perform differently - it means that max range depends also receiver = smartphone.

Hey Henri,

I got my Ruuvi devices and set them up as instructed on

My questions is: why is my max broadcast range around 30metres and not the 500 advertised? Am I doing something wrong or??

On the app nRF Beacon for Eddystone, my configurations is as follows:

URL: https
Ad. Interval: 300
Tx Power: 4

There is also a setting on the app named 'Adv. Tx Power (Advanced), which can go up to 20 and I was wondering if this is how on the range test video you guys got the Ruuvi to up to 500m?

But, if you do know the settings or what you did to get those kind of ranges out of the Ruuvi - please tell me what to do to do the same please.

Thank you Henri and thanks for the Ruuvi, I can’t wait until I can get to grips with the tech and it’s uses!

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