Get Temp, Hum, AirP via Quuppa (locators) API

Hi, we’re developing an app and web dashboard displaying sensor data via Quuppa locators from among other things Ruuvi tags. With Quuppas API we can get the temperature directly (though only integer), but to get humidity and air pressure we need to go through an eddystone (URL). But from that URL we can’t read the data of the web site. I’ve asked Quuppa and they directed me here. Is there perhaps a rest API we can get hold of?

How do we get the sensor data from the Ruuvi tags?

Best regards, Emil


Are you running RuuviTags with their factory firmware or with Quuppa firmware?

I don’t know, we got your sensors from Quuppa. But the tags aren’t trackable, so I’m guessing that it’s your firmware. How do i check it?

Quuppa then knows which firmware you’re running.
However, you can check the firmware with NFC read, just tap the tag with NFC-enabled phone.

I think the Quuppa FW doesn’t have NFC support, so if you don’t get any data via NFC Quuppa knows best how to read the data from the tags. If the firmware is Ruuvi Firmware, for example “Ruuvi FW 1.2.12”, you can receive the data with

Data itself is sent in undirected BLE advertisements in Ruuvi format, either 3 (RAWv1) or 5 (RAWv2) depending on your firmware version.

Yes, SW is “Ruuvi 1.1.12”
I’ll look into this, thanks!