Garage door monitor

Attached a Ruuvi to garage door and “watched” the door open and close!

Now if it’s late in the evening and I forgot to close the garage door I get a reminder!

influxdb command:

select accelerationZ from ruuvi_measurements where time > ‘2019-10-27 17:30:34’ and mac = ‘D6F3DADAC85E’ and time < ‘2019-10-27 18:22:00’ limit 50 tz(‘America/New_York’)

See GarageDoorOpen-closeGraph.pngGraph



Maybe I’ll give a Ruuvi to my neighbor( I can monitor that one too), he leaves the door open more often than I do!

Did you add the postbox check also :slight_smile:

We have a mail slot in the door so no need for postbox check.

Nice and easy. The Ruuvis are perfect for windows, garage doors etc. Detection rate from ACC sensor in my tests are 100% but how to do this with horizontal doors? I don’t see any other reliable option than a hall sensor or a reed switch attached.
In practice is possible to monitor Movement Counter combined with fluctuations in RSSI in order to detect a movement in a static area (like opening a door or movement in an empty apartment). Quite reliable but has some disadvantages. It’s not what I’m looking for, only a way around.

I wish one could prepare a firmware with one GPIO port prepared for a easy way to connect a simple sensor. A lot of home automation could be done this way…

Not the acceleration, rather the orientation!

This is a new (for me ) understanding of how the sensor works.

Sorry I left that whole idea out of the post! ( the discussion was on slack)

After changing the orientation of a tag and observing the Z value it seems that it can be used to determine if the tag is tilted, inverted (as seen with a negative -1.) or positioned nearly vertically (a small absolute value like .004 or -.004)

so when the door is closed, the tag is vertical and the Z reports a very small value.

When the door is open the tag is horizontal (like laying upside down on a table) and Z reports a close to -1.0 value. Notice on the GarageDoorClosingvideo that the ruuvi is mounted upside down with the cover off.

VERY Easy to evaluate and not time critical at all!