Firmware update gets the red led flashing

Hi there,
I need to update my tags with the Eddystone FW and whenever I do it, it kind of breaks them.
I used nRF Connect on an Android device and nRF Toolbox on Iphone, and both the 2.3.0 and 1.3.6. Every time the tags keep flashing red quickly.

I also tried to update with the ruuvi 1.2.12 then eddystone 2.3.0, but it’s not working either.
I tried on 2 different tags and I’m scared to try on more in case there is no way back.

Is there a way to do a factory reset ?


Hello, could you please give us some more details? What is the tag version? You can find the tag version on bottom of the PCB near nRF52 via (4x4 grid of holes), it should be something from B3 to B6.

There is no “factory reset” button, but I can find some older firmware package while we debug the issue

Hi Otso,
it is B6 tags.

Is that a known issue ?

Hello, that sort of issue should not happen on B6, it’s been observed mostly on Kickstarter-era B3 which had less strict selftest.

Just to clarify: is the led sequence RED ON - GREEN ON - RED blinks dimly at roughly 1 Hz (RuuviFW) and 2 Hz (Eddystone) or something else?

Above sequence is normal operation, red led blinks when tag has program activity. Self-test error would be a series of bright red led blinks at roughly 50/50 on/off cycle.

You can compare the blinking to third tag

On the faulty tags, the red light flashes twice as fast as the green one on the valid tags (both Eddystone FW). I’d say 2Hz (0,5s?).

But I have news : I can still read the beacon through nRF connect and nRF Beacon. So apparently (I need to check that with my dev on my app) I can use the beacon anyway. So it might just not be a problem.
My concern would be on the battery life.


That is normal operation. Eddystone FW sends at 2 Hz by default so you can see 2 Hz flashing. This is intentional as the frequency of flashes allows user to estimate the activity and therefore the power consumption.

The effect of the LED on overall power consumption is minimal compared to CPU and radio activity.

Ok, thank you. That’s reassuring.
But why some of them are flashing red 2Hz, and others green 1Hz ?

Sorry for the delayed reply.

LED flashing depends on the mode tag is running. In general, Ruuvi Firmware in the URL mode flashes green led at 1 Hz and red led at 1 Hz in Raw mode. You can change between the modes by pressing “B”.

Eddystone FW flashes the red led at 2 Hz by default as it advertises at 2 Hz, and Eddystone wakes the CPU up to check if the advertisement slot should be rotated after data has been sent.

Ok, thank you for these details.