Finally! Bluetooth mesh!

Today, Bluetooth SIG finally released their mesh feature. We’ll support it as soon as possible.

What would you build using mesh RuuviTags? :sunglasses:


Locally integrating

  1. air conditioner with room heater and weather station,
  2. gas water heater with solar water heater for lesser heat loss and energy saving at winter.
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Have to watch out for the power consumption here. The “old, proprietary” Nordic open mesh was quite power hungry so it would be interesting to check the current usage with the new mesh SDK 0.9.1.

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very interested !!
Any ideas on a timeframe for a release of firmware supporting mesh ?!

You can experiment with the mesh by downloading Nordic Mesh SDK and running the examples.
Nordic implementation of Mesh is still in Alpha, but we’re definetely following the proggress

is the mesh feature up and running? are there tools to control / update / see status?

Nordic just released a new mesh package:

We’re in progress testing it.

I would put in drones and then receive data far away

What is the status of a mesh firmware for Ruuvitags ?

The BLE Mesh consumes too much power when we last evaluated it. Wirepas Mesh is supported for business clients.

The Nordic SDK is at version 2.0.1 now. Has anyone evaluated it yet?

The mesh keeps radio constantly on, which consumes a lot of power. The current consumption is unfeasible to run BLE Mesh on Ruuvitags, but it might be possible to use other BLE nodes as routing friend nodes and have RuuviTags as low-power nodes.

I haven’t yet checked if the current Nordic mesh implementation supports low-power nodes.

I see. I hope we will be able to evaluate it in the next week. I’ll post our findings here if we have any.
@otso is it possible to test the BLE mesh with the RuuviTags or do we need a DevKit for that?


I think testing the mesh requires softdevice update. While softdevice can be updated over the air, there are reports of downgrade bricking the tag so you cannot restore the original Ruuvi firmware. I’d recommend getting a dev kit or soldering the programming header to RuuviTag (or using JTAG-cable on B6 revision boards).

Alright, thanks @otso!