ECG, PPG sensors for RUUVI tag?

Wondering if any one added ECG, PPG sensors to the RUUVI tag and experiences if any ?
Appreciate on sensors used and its stability.
Curious to know on the sensor interface / mechanical details.



While it’s possible to add sensors to RuuviTag by using the exposed pins on the bottom of board, Ruuvitag might not be ideal for the application. Especially PPG sensors tend to have high power draw and are therefore in rechargeable devices.

thanks Otso for the reply.
Are there Tags from Ruuvi with recharge option ?
Or are you suggesting the PPG sensor should have its own power (rechargeable) …



Ruuvi does not have tags with rechargeable batteries at this time.
If you decide to use RuuviTags, you’ll probably need to have rechargeable batteries available. RuuviTag might not be the best platform for this, since you’ll need to add battery management circuitry also.

Personally I’d start prototyping with a ready made module