Distinguishing one tag from another?

Judging from the fact that no-one has asked about it, the tags cannot be renamed. However, using three devices around the house it would be convenient to be able to give them descriptive names or aliases. Can that be done in any ways? We are a non-Android household, so something running on iOS or Win or Mac would be ideal.

We’ve added an ID row to the web-UI on the ruu.vi site which helps users to see from which unit the readings are. It’s still in beta and we’ll make it more user-friendly in the near future. @otso and @dgerman are able to answer you in more detail.

Currently, we don’t have iOS mobile application. However, it’s on the roadmap. @jari.isohanni

@lauri I will check if there is someone willing to implement scanner either in React Native or Swift in our students

Would it be possible to have the stock weather station firmware actually use the device id (or something similar) in the nearby notification to prevent the broadcasts being merged into a single one?
I’m in the same situation as the original author, but I run Android and wish to have access to individual tag broadcasts so that I can have one inside, one outside and one in the sauna and be able to check the temp both with the mobile’s nearby notifications and collect the data with my RaspberryPi.

Nearby displays notifications according to its own logic. Since the URL points to the same site the Nearby notifications will be merged. To differentiate the notifications a custom app is required.

I notice that each ruuvi device changes the access URL over time. However the MAC address doesn’t change.

The “access URL” is a hash of current temp/pressure/humidity values, so it’s supposed to change when those values change.

Full (gory) details can be found at
Ruuvi URL format and other details