Data upload from iOS and Android

I often export measurement logs from iOS and Android Apps to Google Drive or email. I noticed there are some differences between the steps I need to take from one App to the other. I like the Android approach better. This post is about exporting to Google Drive.

In the Android App, when I choose Google Drive as export destination, the App remembers the previous destinations, and suggests them. In the iOS App it always takes me to the root level of my Google Drive, making me take a few more steps to find the intended destination. I even need to acknowledge the export a few times, whereas in Android clocking on the proposed destination directory starts the export.

Also, the export in the iOS App is in the graph view. In the Android App it is behind the Tag-specific Settings.

Please check the latest build, it’s now unified with Android and you can export from Tag Settings screen.

For the “app remembers destination” - it’s system level sharing activity, it’s usual iOS behaviour.

Hi Rinat

I did not quite understand about being able to export from Tag Settings in iOS. I believe I have the latest iOS App, and I am able to export only from the graph view.

When I wrote my previous reply, there was no update in the App Store. Later during the day an update appeared. Now I found the export icon, as Rinat explained. Thanks for the update even if it may be hard to find for people who were used to the old way.