Configuring Ruuvi?

I am currently unable to configure my Ruuvi tag. I have tried many different apps for ios with no luck. Do I need to flash fw?

What is the best way to configure UUID major minor? Trying to input my beacons into


Our current stock firmware does not support iBeacon, however using RuuviTags as iBeacons is possible with Nordic’s example firmware and Espruino.

Fastest way to get started with iBeacon would probably be using the Espruino firmware.

Thank you for the response. I also attempted to configure them to Eddystone. I was able to flash them and transmit, but unable to configure UUID namespace and instance ID.


You can configure the Eddystone tags after pressing “B” or doing NFC scan with “nRF Beacon for Eddystone”. If you’re using EID there’s a bug in 1.3.6 which prevents public key key exchange, fix is currently in our QC process.