Cloud pro and cast interval

Just received an mail about the trial of cloud pro access. How to access that? I have five tags and GW. Pro cloud would be great as the current ruuvi app takes too much time to load sensor data through the phone when too long-distance to GW. Like to test pro features before the offer runs out.

Luckily newest Home Assistant integration found GW so I can access sensors without ruuvi app :slight_smile:

Second question is how to put ruuvi tags to eco-mode by limiting casting data example once per minute? That would dramatically prolonge battery life and don’t need to limit data frequency at host application.

I’m sorry for the confusion with the plans. I see that we may haven’t explained clearly enough differences between the plans. You’ve been using Ruuvi Cloud Pro plan all the time. We’ve offered if for free to everyone in the past ~1,5 years and it’ll be free until the end of February 2023.

This is a quote of the email you’re referring to:

“When we launched the Ruuvi Gateway product ~1,5 years ago, we promised a free Ruuvi Cloud Pro subscription for all of our Gateway customers until the end of 2022, and noted that Pro subscription features would become chargeable (4,90 €/month when paid annually) after this date. We’re keeping our promise and additionally we’ve decided to extend the free Pro subscription for everyone for two additional months until the end of February 2023 instead of the previously announced 31st of December 2022. After February, you can continue with the free Ruuvi Cloud Free plan or choose between paid Basic and Pro subscription plans. If you’d like your Pro subscription to remain active after February, you’ll have to purchase an activation code from our online store. We’ll notify you in a separate email when purchasing and code activation is possible (codes aren’t for sale yet).”

Find here the full email here:

However, as a separate topic, I don’t fully understand the issue you’re currently having with the Ruuvi Gateway. Could you please provide more information about this “the current ruuvi app takes too much time to load sensor data through the phone when too long-distance to GW” issue please?

About the longer broadcasting firmware, we have a long-life variant available for advanced users: Releases · ruuvi/ruuvi.firmware.c · GitHub (look for a package named It broadcasts ~every 6 seconds if I recall correctly.