Can I change the Transmit Power?


I run IOS and OSX as primary platforms. I have a programming background. I just received my tag yesterday and I’m in the process of exploring it.

Question: Is there an existing IOS app that allows me to change the transmit power? I’ve used nRF Toolbox to upload Eddystone firmware and the Google app “Beacon Tools” to connect and make changes successfully, but neither give me the ability to change the transmit power.

Sensoro beacons have an IOS app, simply titled “Config” that offers OA changes to transmit power, advertising interval and etc. Something similar would be a welcome addition to Ruuvi!

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App “nRF Beacon for Eddystone” and Web Bluetooth configuration tool have option for configuring the Eddytone transmit power if I recall correctly

I’ll check them both, thanks for the leads.



Tried searching for the “nRF Beacon for Eddystone” on IOS but couldn’t find it! Did find e.g. “Eddystone”, “nRF Connect”, “nRF Beacons” and “nRF Toolbox” - did you Otso mean one of these? I’m asking this as I too would need to change the tx power, as I live in a stone walled house and the beacons don’t work at all with the default settings: if I place a Ruuvi beacon to basement, I cannot get a reading on the 1st floor, not to mention the 2nd! So, could you provide me with more detailed information of how one can safely change the tx power with IOS apps or via a browser? The closest I could get was with the “Eddystone” app on IOS but it asked for a password (6 letters max) which I did’t find anywhere. I did try e.g. 000000 but the app wasn’t really responsive at all, so it didn’t do the trick: the tx power seemed to be the same at 1m distance as with the default settings.

I tried both the Ruuvi prod and beta firmwares and also the Eddystone firmware. No luck with any of those.

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The beta FW is transmitting at +4dBm which is the max. I’m afraid your floor is too thick.

Thx for your reply, Lauri. Darn, I was hoping the signal strength could be increased. Anyhow, with very precise placement close windows I seem to have enough signal reflections so that I get a reading from almost all rooms. So, problem "semi"solved.

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