BME280 temperature precision

I would like to ask about the precision of BME280. Info in the datasheet says that it is +/- 1°C at my given range (0-25°C). Does that mean, that the BME280 will measure at +3°C always the value with e.g. +0.7°C offset, or will the measurement always float around the “real” value (+3°C) with +/- 1°C offset? In other words, would calibration help me get better results, or it does not have any sense to do it?

Many thanks.


The temperature is calibrated at Bosch factory, and calibration coefficients are read at the boot from the BME280. The firmware then uses these calibration coefficients to fit the measurements to the actual temperature. You might be able to do one-point calibration, for example put the tag in ice batch where the temperature will be exactly 0C and remove the offset at that temperature. However it might lead to error at 25 C as the calibration is not at that point.

The relative accuracy and noise level on BME280 are quite good, so if you calibrate the measurement at 3 C you can probably improve the measurement at that specific temperature.

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Hello Otso,
great, that is what I was hoping for. We are going to do the calibration ourselves. Thank you very much.